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Let's Talk About Love Bby (Exclusive)

Nicole Walker and Sara Forsberg's AMAZE has offered a hub for fashion's up-and-coming, creating a core community in Stockholm's style scene— which has widened their notice, and adapted dialogue in Sweden's understanding of new design. For this Fashion Week, they pushed it to new places. Collecting video work from 4 different cities: Stockholm, Berlin, London and New York, they have asked artists, creators, and designers to contribute to the theme LOVE.

  • Office is now honored to host an exclusive of their New York video, below.


AMAZE Volume #5

"By creating a space where artists, designers and other people can gather their thoughts and ideas, that space brings us closer together. and to me, in these times, thats the most important thing. Finding ways to see how close we all fit together with one another. Love will lead the way."

-Nicole Walker, Founder of AMAZE.

  • Artists:  Marie Karlberg, Jon Rafman, Brian Kokoska
  • Designers:  Eckhaus Latta, Telfar, Gauntlett Cheng, Bror August.
  • Photographers:  Lane Lang, Benjamin Barron, Nicole Walker
  • Stylist:  Nicole Walker
  • Models:  Allison Brooks, Maxwell Cosmo Cramer 
  • Music:  Tony Karlson

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