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Loewe Craft Prize in NYC

The awards, which were founded in 2016, do a beautiful job in acheiving his sought-after unity, with a diverse collection of cultures that, though competing for a monetary prize, are able to come together as a show, astounding in both it's beauty and its demonstration of humanity through art. 


The show brings together the 26 nominees on a touring exhibition, and has landed in Chelsea's Chamber Gallery, where it will be through June 6th. The exhibition truly embraces the spirit of both cultural heritage as well as artistic innovation in craftsmanship, with artists ranging from a truly global map. They hail from a variety of places, including many refreshingly non-Western, both represented in their tactile techniques and style.


In an age hyper-saturated in media, digital interfaces and screens, the ability to come together, appreciate and truly reward the work of hands— both in financial means, for the winner and finalists, as well as in pure recognition— is an intensely stimulating and poetic experience. 


...And it definitely made me realize how little I use my hands for anything but texting. 



Patrick Li, Grace Coddington
Adrian Sierra Garcia, Maria Nurieva
Lisa Lupinski, Kelly Beeman
Jonathan Andersen, Tory Burch
Ricardo Llamas Munoz, Tina Leung
Laura Love


The opening was bustling with quite an impressive scene from the fashion world, and reaching over a broader spectrum of the art and crowd. 


But rather than representing the often-tired gallery openings, the ability to have such an esteemed and respected group of creatives circling the crafts, champagne flutes in hand, gives hope to the concept that the artisans devoting their lives to creation outside of a euro-centric or cosmopolitan environment still have the opportunity to be elevated, appreciated  and promoted as much as they truly do deserve. 


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