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Long Live Lagerfeld

In true Warhol fashion, Allard finds his groove by mixing luxury with mass consumption, drawing upon his past expertise with clients such as Coca-Cola and H&M. Now, in his first New York exhibition, Allard creates a show for all by uniting different cultures and the latest trends with references from revered pop art to everyday street art.


Honing in on the taboo, yet omnipresent, Chanel handbag, the French artist indulges in the scenario where the owner is willing to reveal their most personal objects. The viewer can’t help but to lean closer, itching to view the intimacies of another’s life. The message behind Allard’s work? Trust, confidence and the acceptance of consumption culture on our current society through the means of one of the most personal accessories we bring with us almost everywhere. Afterall, a handbag isn't just a handbag—especially when it’s Chanel.

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