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A Look At Chloe Wise's Carb-Filled Book Launch

Chloe Wise, the book, is a retrospective of sorts for Wise, the person. It’s filled with works from her last four solo shows, as well as images from her studio and stills from videos. There are the aforementioned carbs (i.e. her famous bread bags, including my personal favorite, the “challah backpack”), paintings of friends like Paloma Elsesser, India Salvor Menuez, and Hari Nef (at the party, Nef proudly shouted that she wanted to “show off [her] nudes”), and a Chanel sex swing. “The book is just my brain,” said Wise. “But poured onto expensive paper.”


In addition to the works from Wise herself, the book includes a conversation with her friend/comedy genius Eric Wareheim, and essays from curator Loreta Lamargese and art world legend Jeffrey Deitch. As Lamargese wrote of Wise's work, “There's a wholehearted preciousness in being this unprecious about everything.”


Guests included Wise subjects and friends like Nef, Elsesser, Logan Jackson, Richie Shazam, Barbie Ferreira, Ashley Smith, and Ian Bradley, as well as Wareheim, Aziz Ansari, and Robert Pattinson. “I’m having so much fun,” said Wise. “I’m filled with beautiful, non-processed carbs and red wine, and all my friends are here.” But she’s not planning on taking a break any time soon—next up is a solo show at Montreal's Division Gallery. “I never take time off,” she said. “But I could really go for a glass of wine right now.”


Text by Jocelyn Silver

Photos by Rasmus Luckmann

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