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LOVE From Gillian


A nice, light love story is often an easy lift after a long day, but to truly bring that to 2017 it's helpful to have that boost of curse words, Carhartts, and crankiness. Jacobs' role provides that pretty well— and with the second season recently released, we had a few more questions for her...


Where are the Carhartt overalls?!


They're actually mine! I brought them with me to Serbia- they are currently in my hotel room.


Favorite on-set snack?


The PAs call it "the Gillian special"- avocado on a rice cake.


Cheesy, but obligatory: Dream date? Start to finish… Location, attire, food/drink…? Also obviously person.  


I would love wear a full sweatsuit to a really fancy restaurant and then go bowling. I've never been to the French Laundry but I don't think they'd let me in wearing a sweatsuit.


Is working on a Netflix show different from working on a show on television?


We had a two season pick up before we even started working. That gave everyone a sense of calm and confidence you rarely feel on network television. You aren't checking the ratings week to week to see if you still have a job.


Did you ever fantasize when you were younger about a TV character?


I wanted to be Daria and Claire Danes from My So Called Life.


Which three women, alive or dead, would you want to have breakfast with? What would you eat?


Grace Hopper, about whom I made a documentary, Hedy Lamarr and Ada Lovelace. All three are technical women who made an impact on STEM. I'd eat the soft scramble eggs from Jon & Vinny in Los Angeles.



Have you ever used a dating app?


No but I love to look at my friend's profiles and write messages as them. I'm so curious since I've never used one.


Is it possible to fall in love in the digital age?


I think so, but dating has always been tough, right?


Do you feel like you relate to your character on the show? How so?


I relate to Mickey's struggle to be a better person and her desire to find love. There have been times in my life when things weren't going well and I blamed everything and everyone but myself. But, like Mickey, I eventually had to realize that I was the source of dysfunction and I was the one who needed to change and grow.


How do you think you are different than the character?


I am way too much of a teacher's pet to break as many rules as Mickey. I'm much closer to Gus in terms of anxiety and wanting people to like me. Mickey would intimidate me if I met her in real life.


So, the romantic comedy about a dysfunctional relationship isn’t necessarily a new concept in media, how do you think that the show is a new take on that storyline?


I think a way to be unique within the genre is to be very specific and detailed about the characters and the world they inhabit. Also, the show's depiction of addiction and codependency seems to resonate with people. While Mickey and Gus's behavior may seem extreme at times, a lot of people can relate to some aspect of their dynamic.


Your character is pretty uncensored, do you relate to that aspect?


No! I am a nervous, anxious person. I get silly with friends and family but I can come across as shy or guarded with new people. I'm working on it!


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