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Making the MadeMe x Converse Collab



Deviating widely from male-dominated streetwear brands constantly in search of the next best thing, Magee harkened back to her adolescent roots and infused her line with a vivid nostalgia that referenced street, rave, and queer subcultures of the 90’s. Alongside the platform One Star, the line featured a hooded track jacket, an oversized track pant, a long-sleeve tee, an oversized short, and a super mini backpack, each piece specially designed to frame the female form.



The campaign’s official launch party, which took place last week on Tuesday, May 2018, boasted an ambiance that perfectly encapsulated Magee’s vision of old school funk, youth, and spirit. Procell, the famed cult vintage shop where the event took place, was completely transformed into a yellow-saturated bedroom propelled straight from the imagination of a true 90s kid. When asked what prompted the re-embracement of this specific moment in the companies’ history, Magee explained: 

For me, Converse is a historical brand; it has a lot of really rich history, a lot of music and culture.



"...And this right here (motioning at the event space) is the cultural moment I remember. I think when most people think of Converse, they think Chuck Taylor, punk rock. Well I think 90s club kids and St. Marks weirdos - I think of One Star. That’s my era, and I don’t think that the younger generation knows about this aspect of the sneaker’s history, so I just wanted to revive it.”

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