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The Making of Mahershala


"I don't know if when you're that young you purely think about yourself being one thing because you're in this constant state of discovery, and looking for where you get the most positive feedback from your talents," Ali explains, and as someone who ventured into the realms of sports and music before following his intuition all the way to the Hollywood Hills, the realness of this sentiment is almost tangible. But Ali, if anything, is living proof that creative fulfillment takes many forms, and is achieved through finding ways to incorporate all of your passions into your everyday life--music, acting, sports, fashion, you name it. Ali has been a face and muse of Death to Tennis since 2016, and office has the pleasure of sharing with you a portrait film of the actor for Stylist and Art Director Vincent Oshin and the budding streetwear brand. No need to paraphrase wise words, just watch the video directed by Chet King below.

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