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The Mane Man

With an artist such as Moon at the helm, the colorful hair trend cerainly won't fade anytime soon. Check out the interview below.

What is your current “spirit color”?


Hard to say. Colors are like emotions; I wake up with a favorite one every day.


How do you come up with a look for someone?


Magic based off of someone’s energy. People have color auras that lead their look into fruition.


What was the most dramatic or daring look you’ve ever given yourself or a client?


Every look is the most dramatic and daring.

Which artists do you look to for hair inspiration?


Cyndi Lauper—she’s a queen. Yves Tumor is killing it with his looks. And I love what Tyler the Creator is up to as well.


What hair trend are you hoping makes a major comeback?


Hairspray, experimenting more with your hair, glamorous makeup.


What hair trend do you never want to see again?


The verbiage of “effortless hair.” I want to see hairstyles that provoke excitement, that give you freedom.

Do you have a favorite color?


Green today, blue tomorrow, pink on Wednesday, neon yellow on Friday, and coral on a leap year.


If you could only have one hairdo and color for the rest of your life, what would you choose?


I haven’t had it yet. You guys will be the first to know.


What is your favorite hair care product?


Mousse—so much action at the pull of a trigger. Sachajuan does a good dry shampoo mousse, and Virtue has a sexy moisture mousse, both not heavy at all.


What are your tips for caring and maintaining dyed hair?


If you’re gonna have dyed hair, you have to water it like a plant. Spritz leave-­in conditioner during the day or at night.

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