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The Many Faces of Vanessa

What was the concept behind the shoot?


It was about showing emotions and moods through facial expressions whilst adding humour. We wanted to add an element of nostalgia as if Vanessa was in a carefree environment as in a photo booth.


How does makeup correlate with mood?


The makeup is expressive and erratic, which links with the variations in Vanessa’s expressions.


What drew you to Vanessa Ohenlen as a model?


I chose Vanessa because not only is she a great model, she also has great acting skills and can almost become a different character with a simple change in her face, which is what we were hoping for with our concept.


What was the most unconventional product you used?


I would say the paint sticks, I applied them on the eye to create an unconventional paint effect.


What’s the relationship between makeup and transformation?


Makeup is a powerful tool that can create a character and express a mood or feeling — makeup has the ability to tell a story within a single image.

Makeup has the ability to tell a story with a single image.

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