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Marni Men Fall/Winter 2017


1+1. A kid, tapping away on a keyboard.

Exploring a binary code to connect multiple realities. 1+1.

Single digits keep their singularity, no matter what. 1+1+1.

Regardless of how far the connection stretches. 1+1+1+1.

1+1 is oneplusone and that's it.


Visions that spin, in a span, fast.

Vortexes that draw bridges, bravely.

Shamans in code-sharing with digital pioneers.

And viceversa. Healing in computing.

Raw. Primeval. Primal. Primordial.

Fastforwarding in a supercut.

Zip zap.


Too long, a bit big: a belt helps.

A patch bag, too.

Leisure suits traveling from bedroom to boardroom.

Formality entering a void.


Teddy bear. Polyester. There's comfort in quilting.

Stripes. Checks. Patch pockets, fur patches.

Visual addition, retinal stimulation.


Scribbles, loops, messy fur, messy brushstrokes: a door

to the wilderness. Padded vests, padded slacks,

roomy jumpers: keeping the inner child satisfied.


Eyeballs around the waist. A tail, at the neck.

Decoration, as a pastime.


Trainers, from the cave. Screen glasses.


1+1. Tapping away the keys of multiple wardrobes.

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