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Mathias Van Hooff


Male makeup. Why do you think this is emerging as a trend specifically now, and how do you think this will impact the makeup world as a whole?


I think men these days are not bothered anymore about the stigma surrounding things that for a long time were perceived as feminine. They are comfortable with it. At the moment, young men love to groom to perfection. You see it everywhere—It’s a trend. I guess the impact will be that we’ll get a lot more products for men.


What’s your scent?


I tend to change after a while. I’m not one of those people who has a scent for life. At the moment, I’m using Hinoki by Comme des Garçons x Monocle.


How do you constantly explore new concepts and keep things fresh in your work?


By looking—staying visually interested and making notes when things move me.


Best facial you’ve ever gotten?


The most amazing facial I've gotten would be the one I had in the Mud Baths in Dalyan (Turkey) during a full moon.


Where do you jot down your thoughts?


I have a notebook where I write everything down. 


Do you wear makeup yourself? If so, what is your routine?


Not really. Maybe to cover a spot. I do use a lot of skincare products. I tend to mix my own potion.


What era do you hope comes back?


The future….new things!


How do you cure a hangover? 


A swim followed by a sauna usually helps to clear the fog. If not, a couple of painkillers.


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