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Matt Jackson "Still Lives"

First solo show! That's exciting. How did this come together?


Well, the last two years, from my practice as a production designer, I would always have leftover materials— obects and ideas from my commercial commissions. So I started once a week going to my studio and making assemblages and photographing them. Over time it turned into this like thing of its own.


Did you go school for photography?


No, actually, I went for sonography for theater... Weirdly similar, but different. 


I see so many starting with all this passion for photography— going to school, getting into the industry. They lose innovation, and so many end up unhappy, hating the medium. And you can see that. There is something different here. It makes sense you started doing somewhere else. You're lucky to still love photography.


Thanks. The photography, these projects evolved over the last couple years. 



Is this one series?


It is from the larger body of work, but also a series. Basically Peter Sutherland he asked me to show some work here, in his space. I chose these five that sit together well for me, thematically. 


So is it more of an aesthetic theme drawing them together?


There is a throughline— iconography of vice, literature, surrealism, and art history. There is definintely a conceptual theme. They also look nice together.


Those specific books, definitely say something— have you read all of them?


Yeah. Some of my favorites.


So when did you make them?


The earliest, about a year and a half ago. The most recent was around my story for office! I remember retouching at the same time as I was working on that.

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