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Meet Misha

What is your ideal office?


My ideal office would be a studio with 13 people, with one magical, clean room you could go to once in a while. And lots of snacks. And an elaborate euro-trash style juice bar.


What is your least favorite texture?




What is the most inspiring emotion to you as an artist?




What was the last dream you had?


I have pretty good dreams, very erratic ones that jump around. Some of the last dreams were very elusive. When I take melatonin, I just get wired— only one out of 35 times will I actually get tired.



If you could change your name, what would it be?



It would be an alliteration name. Like King Kong.



If you could interact with one person from the past who would it be?


Rousseau. I would go visit him and ask him questions. He imagined that he went on a bunch of trips, so I would ask him about those. It would be cool to hear about it first hand.


If you could only see the world in two colors, which would you choose?


I would choose colors that aren’t in the color spectrum. Like, for example, where the yellows continue. And ultraviolet or something.


What cartoon character do you relate to the most?



I’m supposed to say Pee-wee. But actually, I would be Chairy.



What is your ideal home?



I have so many home fantasies. The one feature that would stay the same is that the bathroom would be in the middle, which would be a dome structure with pink water running through the whole thing, like a little waterfall.



What was the first movie to make you cry?



Labyrinth. I’ve watched it so many times.



Hunter or gatherer?



Full gatherer. The thought of harming animals kills me. I am not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat ham, or anything I could kiss, or decorate. And I once saw a photo of cows kissing. 




If you walked into the Natural History Museum, which wing would you visit first?



The stones. Geology always gets me.



Do you believe in ghosts?



Yes. I briefly lived in a house upstate where someone hung themself in the guest bedroom. It for sure felt like there was something there. One of the kids would always say they saw a man walking around.




What is the most inspiring thing you’ve found in nature?



I frequently look at animals, and admire the quantity of the fur. The sheer amount of hair packed into every inch makes me feel insane. That amount of detail.



What do you want your work to bring to the art world, in one word?



A relaxed, human approach—I’m trying to figure out the german agglutination for that. Maybe just “relaxed.”




If you could have one song or sound be the soundtrack to your life what would it be?



No Doubt. Sunday Morning.

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