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Michael Uzowuru

What is your ideal office?


Literally anywhere I can get work done.


Do you have any rituals?


Gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Neatly cutting my pancake into pieces before I eat. Same with waffles—need to perfectly butter it too.


If you were a professional athlete, what would be your sport of choice, and why?


Basketball, easy. It’s just too cool.


What animated character do you relate to the most?


SpongeBob SquarePants. Everything in life relates back to SpongeBob.


How do you heal a broken heart?


Time, honesty, love, compassion for oneself.


Where and with whom did you eat your last great meal?


Jeff, Teo, Chris and I had a great meal at Matsuhisa. Or Union in Pasadena with my girlfriend Danielle.


Who is the youngest person you trust?


My nine-year-old brother Joshua, his nature is so pure.


When was the last time you celebrated?


I honestly can’t remember, I don’t think I gain much joy from celebrating. Specifically celebrating myself.


What would you do if you lost your sense of hearing?




Who was your celebrity crush as a teenager?


Ciara and Emma Roberts lol.


What is the most interesting thing in your trash can?


Floss picks? ̄\_(''/)_/


Lyrics to live by?


“Black car white rims can they both get along?”—Soulja Boy.

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