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Mignoni on Madison

What unites the nine artists, however, is a precise vision: from the minimalist pre-Instagram-grid grids of Agnes Martin, to the sharp imposition of Tara Donovan’s bluffs, these women all exhibit an alternative approach to painting, sculpture, and the art world at large. 


Gallerist Fernando Mignoni founded Mignoni Art in the fall of last year, focusing on European and American post-war artists. Of the show, he states:


"Although the 9 artists presented in the show do not share an identifiable style or movement, they share an approach to their work and related concerns. I thought it would be interesting to present together works by minimal conceptual artist from the 60s together with work by later artist that looked into the their predecessors as a source of inspiration." 

Eva Hesse, 'No Title'
Mira Schendel, 'Droguinhas LIttle Nothings'
Tara Donovan, 'Bluffs'
Kathleen Jacobs 'Avers'

'An Eccentric View' runs from May 1 through June 19 at Mignoni Gallery.


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