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Do the math, and you get no other than Rammellzee: the “prolific polymath, irascible overlord, charming hustler, quantum who makes sense of the senseless.” If you’re overwhelmed, if the equation scares you... that means it’s working.


There are enigmas and there’s Rammellzee. With his roots trailing all the way to the end of the A train in Far Rockaway, he was inherently an outlier. His journey officially began in 1979, when he abandoned his name and all notions of the typical societal experience. First an MC and graffiti artist, then a international contemporary art world guru, to creating artwork and garments out of garbage.


      Red Bull Arts has curated a vast selection of works by the New York icon. Artworks, music, writing, rare archives information, and ephemera. They invite you to “step inside the Gothic Futurist Multiverse” of the legend artist now through August 26th...if you can handle it.


      RAMMΣLLZΣΣ: Racing for Thunder will be on view through August 26th at Red Bull Arts New York, open Wednesday through Saturday, 1-7 pm.


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