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Model Material

Left - Pants, boots, and coat by Maison Margiela, shirt by Marc Jacobs, shoes by Repetto

Right - Dress and boots by Area, headwrap by Marc Jacobs, earrings by Balenciaga.

For this editorial, photographers from Babyhouse New York worked with stylist Amy Mach and We Speak Agency to highlight the agency’s diversity and some of its models: Jesi, Danusia, and Sheila.

Dress by Erdem, gloves by Naomi Misle, necklace by Balenciaga, ring by Unbound Babes, earrings by Miu Miu, shoes by Repetto.

We Speak New York was founded by model Briauna Mariah in 2013 to bring more diversity, in every sense of the word, to the fashion industry. And in an interview with Bust magazine, Mariah said that We Speak prioritizes health, in every sense of the word, for all of the models that it represents as opposed to size, age, or any other factor. With its iconic stance on inclusivity, it's clear to us that We Speak won't be going anywhere any time soon. 

Long sleeve shirt by Wanda Nylon, shirt and sweater by Alexander Wang Sweater, boots by Maison Margiela, bag and glasses by Gucci, necklace by Albright Fashion Library, earrings stylist’s own.

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