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Monkey Business

The shimmering of the pool’s aqua compliments, perhaps even enhances, the sequined dress she floats in. Towering over her is the bottom half of another model, wearing her own black-sequined garment, paired with aforementioned chrome heels. The eye is drawn to this photo, not only for its contrasting of a sun-drenched pool scene with the rocker-esque vibe of the clothing, but because it seems to hold a story to it- as if Erichsen’s ghost is looming over her, daring her out of entranced contentment and back into an elite and hypnotic underworld.


Saint Laurent dresses the wild partygoer, the dazzling and exciting individual who is untouchable and fierce. In this campaign, Vaccarello touches upon this in the lazing of this glamorous rebel-girl, in the untamed little creature that perches upon Erichsen’s crisp and unembellished blazer, and in the way Saint Laurent always inspires that sultry mix of glamour and rebellion.


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