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Monster Mash

A spinoff from L.A.’s annual Monsterpalooza Convention, Burbank’s Son of Monsterpalooza featured all the tried and true fan-favorite events–panels with special guests, costume contests, and rare sightings beyond monsters, like Edward Furlong, Robert Patrick, Billy Zane, Jenna Elfman, and Linda Blair. 


office sat down with Vassalli to find out what brought him to the spooky sideshow and to live vicariously through him and his Son of Monsterpalooza experience.


What drew you to this convention?


Like most gays, I love Halloween. I’m not necessarily a huge horror film buff but I’ve always loved the theatrical element of the genre. I love photographing conventions because it’s a hub of so many different people all there for the same interest. I get to roam and put my own spin on how the viewer sees the event. The process of photographing a convention is weirdly therapeutic for me.


Do you like horror films? What are some of your favorites?


Scream by Wes Craven is a classic. I watched that when I was way too young so now I love it because it’s nostalgic for me. I was obsessed with The Phantom of the Opera when I was 5. Which is a really scary play if you're 5. I think I was drawn to The Phantom because of the theatrical grandness with a dark twist. I’ve always been into dark characters.

What’s your greatest fear?


Snakes and spiders terrify me. I got really close to a snake while hiking once so we don’t take that trail anymore.


If you could award a best costume from the convention, what would it be?


There were scarier costumes than this but Brad Pitt from Once Upon A Time in Hollywood. Shout out to Rubberlarry. He’s an artist who makes amazing realistic stunt/disguise masks.


What was the most surprising scary costume?


This kid in a skeleton-zombie morphsuit hopping and crawling around. Something about it just made me uneasy and anxious. I left shortly after.

Any notable attendees you were especially excited to see?


Linda Blair! She’s the queen of horror film fans.


Fuck, marry, kill Halloween edition: the Joker, Frankenstein, Chucky.


Marry Frankenstein, fuck the Joker–the Jack Nicholson version, I haven’t watched the new one yet, and definitely kill Chucky.

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