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MoSex is Voguing on Sundays

While skeptical that 4pm at the tail end of my weekend (on the Lord's Day!) was worth the trek to 5th Ave, I have only a shining review of the experience.


Somehow, crouching next to a DJ booth underneath at least two dozen disco balls and squished next to a bachelorette party sucking on fallic lollipops felt like just where I was meant to be, the minute that the performance began. A legendary collection of house dancers have been invited to 'Pop-dip-and-spin' all up in your lap this month, and they are not ameteurs by any means. Some right out of the crew that has been doing this for 25 years— bringing a diverse energy and undeniable enthusiasm to the dim and glittery Disco Bar located in the museum's rear that I will vouch cured my rainy day mood instantaneously. 


Even more so, I suggest you bring any out-of-towners you might be strained to entertain, and give them a real taste of old-school NY. Force upon them a wiggling and forewarned 'highly-alcoholic' breast-shaped drink, and see what happens. And as you head home, day-drunk and thinking about your imminent evening search for backup dancer auditions in your zip code, pop into the MoSex gift shop and buy yourself a nice Keith Harring vibrator or some tube socks emblazoned with 'FUCK MY SOCKS OFF'. 


The series will run June 11th and 18th, 4pm-8pm.

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