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MoSex X Zana Bayne

The installation, in the basement of the museum, is a web of leather evocative of her signature harnesses, a collaboration between Bayne and her partner, Todd Pendu. 'The Chrystie Street Collection' seems to epitomize the brand's goal— creating a series of accessories that redefine fetish gear, decontextualizing the traditional settings, clientelle, and seamlessly inviting fetish to be a part of everyday fashion. 

The launch of this capsule collection was held in the dungeon-y basement, friends and fiends alike showed up, many already geared up and ready to go— others trying on the new line. Leather laced around us, dim lighting, pictures of Lady Gaga on the walls, it was definitely a night to be remembered... unless, of course, you went for one of the boob-shaped Jell-O shots.


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