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The New Work Times

In the true conceptual spirit of the exhibition, everything about the publication, from the formatting to the content, is a copy, or a distortion of the original source; the Gucciverse tips its hat to the New York Times for the title and layout of the catalogue, as well as artist Marina Abramovic for the title of The Artist Is Present.


The content of The New Work Times features everything a typical newspaper would, including portraits, stories, essays and advertisements, as well as daily news, but with a twist. Readers will find that the content is mind-numbingly repetitive, demonstrating, if anything, the author’s unwavering command of the conceptual Command-V.



But the genius of the exhibition and its means of promotion lies not in its ability to reduce such a frightening and precarious cultural tendency to a wry yet amusing artistic satire, but to highlight the quality of nuance inherent in the act of repetition itself. In this display of re-appropriation, redundancy and copy-pasting, Gucci manages to create a publication that is wholly original and yet to be seen—the concept at the heart of The Artist is Present.

So, if sending models down the catwalk last season casually holding their own heads wasn’t meta enough, Gucci sure hit the mark this time. Keep up the mindblowing.



'The Artist is Present' opens October 11 until December 16 at the Yuz Museum in Shanghai.

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