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No Bullshit by IIUVO


How do you explain your theory that perfume has an emotional aspect?


LG I think that 'scent' or 'smell' in general is the thing that has a strong emotional aspect. From smelling a perfume or scent very briefly, it has the power to transport you to a memory that only you know. Whether it's an ex-partner, a holiday, a family member, a place you used to live, or otherwise— it sparks up something that is very personal and different to the next person.   


Do you connect your candles to certain memories, or are you trying to create new associations in the sensory experience of your brand?


LG It's a combination of both— for us, it's important to touch on every aspect of our lives. Past memories, current fascinations, future aspirations, and ideas. For example, 'Emmie' is a candle based from my time in my Nans garden growing up, whereas 'woodgrain' was created based on a musical concept.


What is the connection between other art forms and perfume, or beauty products?


LG Creating each scent, we build a 360 narrative. First, a ten track playlist, along with art references, film references, fashion references, and photography. The connection is how each facet fits in to add to the whole experience.


Do you have the playlists for your perfumes and candles?


LG We have a different playlist for every scent made, both candles and perfume. We will be releasing them throughout website in good time. 

Do you remember your first memory attached to smell?


TA My first memory attached to smell was my mum, cooking, especially the smell of plantain as we lived in a slightly confined space so smell could permeate through the flat very quick.


Do you hate any smells?


LG Sambucca

TA Oud

Do you consider your brand a beauty line?


TA I wouldn’t call what we do a beauty brand, as I guess the notion of beauty is so subjective and has a sort of glass ceiling. I would just call it a brand that communicates with fragrance, at this moment. But things will naturally evolve over time whether that is with fragrance or other products.


Your concept is pretty intimate. Would you collaborate on anything for the brand? Who would your ideal collaborator be?


TA We are open to collaborations and would love to do something with Es Devlin or Paolo Sorrentino as these are individuals we hold in high regard and love their body of work.

LG Hendrix

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