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How did you become involved in the pop up? Was the work displayed made specifically for this space?


I was working with Slam Jam to put together something in Milan a little further down the road (I’m really excited about that) but the pop up came about quickly and i was honored they wanted to show some of my stuff. The work was a mix of older and new collage but it had never been seen printed at that scale, 41 inches tall.


I’ve recently been kind of fascinated by the power of sports imagery on art and fashion — where does this power come from, do you think, and how do you play with it in your work?


I think people like to identify with victory and perseverance; celebrity and sports imagery often offers those things. For me sports can be a good visual anchor or counterpoint when mixing opposing images, to raise questions about strength and sexuality.




I recently interviewed the artist Signe Pierce, who dropped the phrase, “reality as a canvas” — do you connect with this idea?


I like the quote. Every breath, every thought, every action is painting or creating your reality, so be mindful of the energy that surrounds you and that which you emit.


Your imagery for the pop up toys with sex. Do you think sex is evolving? Will it always be connected to shame?


I think there are micro evolutions happening but in order for sex to really evolve, humans need to evolve and there needs to be some better state of collective conscience. A higher form of communication without ego or religious baggage or the repressive social guidelines that we're all tangled in. There isn’t always shame involved, but I think sex and shame will share a connection for a long time, not forever, but a long time. And then I think of men in general and I wonder if there's any hope at all. 



What’s your definition of beauty? 


An honest, uplifting confidence and the ability to give and accept love. Jeans and a t-shirt. 


What do you dream about?


I dream of eating fresh fruit from a garden in the morning and listening to crashing ocean waves as I go to sleep at night. I dream of an end to the overwhelming suffering taking place all over the world. 



Read any good books lately? 


Beasts by Joyce Carol Oates— thanks Minya ;)


If your art were to ask a question of your viewer, what would that question be? 


Through what filters do you see yourself and the world? Or perhaps, do you come here often?

Installation image from last month's Slam Jam pop-up courtesy of Slam Jam.

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