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Nudes by Ashley Olah

What initially sparked your fascination with the human body as subject?


I have a deep interest in the human body only because I am very confused as to why the body is the only thing we all have in common regardless of age, gender, or sexual orientation, and there is still such a stigma surrounding nudity and discussing the body or anything of that sort. For some reason the human body still seems to make people uncomfortable. 


What is wrong but sounds so right? 


Making plans and bailing last minute to stay home… 


What beauty standard do you find absolutely ridiculous? 


Not so much a beauty standard, but I really don’t like the whole fake lips, tits, and ass trend. It’s going to be an interesting sight to see in 20 years when people's asses look 20 but the rest of their bodies look 50. 


Marry, Fuck, Kill: Spiderman, Batman, Superman.


For sure kill Superman, fuck Batman, marry Spidey. 


What makes your eyes roll every time you hear it? 


“I’m vegan.” 


What do you find most sexy? 



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