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OAMC S/S '20

Check out our interview with Meier below.

What was the design process like for this collection and how did you approach the new season?


We always begin with an idea, a feeling we want to develop and some references that express that feeling. I work with a great design team, and initially I give them a brief which contains many ideas, concepts, and images that initiate dialogue. We speak about different directions, we do deep research, not only in terms of actual garments and images, but music, film, art, and photography as well—whatever can relate to what we want to create. 


Describe your day to day routine during this deisgn process. What was your sleep pattern, your diet, your release?


There is no typical day to day as there are always new things to work on. My diet is quite good, which I can partially credit to living in Italy. Release is always music and/or travel. Sleep is minimal.


How does this collection compare to previous seasons?


I think it’s our best one so far. The vibe feels good and I feel that there is constant progression.


Is there anything that you regret, something you didn't get to express?



Was there a go-to song or album that helped you throughout the design process? If so, what was it?


Death Grips "The Money Store".


What was the most difficult or trying aspect of your creative proces in terms of production and conceptual development?


What we do and the depths to which we go to in regards to development is very intense so it is always difficult. Creatively we were in a good place throughout the entire season, but the development is always a challenge.


How does this season fall into the established OAMC aesthetic?


It strengthens it.


What have you learned about yourself throughout this process? 


I've learned that I'm getting better at communicating my ideas and working within in a team—the better the entire team works, the better the outcome.

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