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Office Friends at OFF-WHITE

*yet another item to include on the long list of proof that Virgil's headed towards total world takeover.


From Virgil, who championed creative versatility as the chief curator, to the acclaimed artist he'd asked to christen the space with a solo show, Lucien Smith, to Onyx Collective, the off-beat boy band who added the audible layer that lifted the evening from an event to experience— we're proud to call all of these creatives office people. 


Find out more on the show below, but first, find out more about our friends from these features: Abloh, Smith, and Onyx.



For his first foray into the art world— Abloh didn't fuck around, announcing during art week he would be letting Lucien Smith take over the OFF-WHITE store space, to present his most recent project to the public. The show is a series of portraits (aptly) titled, Friends. Basing the oil paintings off portraits taken on his iPhone featuring Smith's close circle of friends, there's a personal perspective that permeates each of the paintings, offering us the unseen sensitive side of Smith— slightly unexpected, though not at all unwelcome. 


The series is a shift from the abstract aesthetic often associated with Smith's work— by way of his early art world successes. here, he approaches an uncharted arena of art, looking at his own life in an intensely literal manner. Despite the change of context, the series has not compromised the strongest components of Smith's style— the soft brushstrokes, that subtle palate, and the careful, delicate dedication to craftsmanship. 


Sure, Smith's elite entourage are the ones eye-rolling at you from the back table at Lucien, and just like Abloh, all the hype around him can become headache-inducing. But whether or not you're in or out— Smith's work has a wonderful way of softening the edges, adding an air of approachable sentimentality to what seems like such an exclusive circle of Friends. 






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