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Office Hours

The night featured four other performers—Superbody, Boy Radio, Mood Killer with special guest Jennifer Vanilla, and Weston Allen—whose performances collectively encapsulated this theme of re-contextualizing the 1980s office setting. The space, donned in cheesy motivational posters, typewriters, miscellaneous documents, and file cabnets, served as the prime location for said act and made for a "sexy time dismantling the patriarchy and oppressive economic forces and values in our society, all while getting down on the dancefloor," as Electra puts it. 


Dorian's favorite office activity? "Water cooler chit chat. Why? Provides workers the opportunity to make plans to overthrow the ruling class and to get happy hour drinks after work."  

Mood Killer
Jarae Holieway
Dorian Electra
Boy Radio
Bobbi Superbody
Celine Bag
Jennifer Vanilla
Dylan Mars Greenberg

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