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Outside of The Lines

What’s your earliest memory with makeup?


Watching opera as a child. My father used to record operas on the public television station in Massachusetts. Both my parents are opera lovers. I remember having the image of Placido Domingo singing the famous aria from Pagliacci while putting on his white face.  Also being dazzled by Maria Callas as a young child, and having her style burned into my brain.


Best unconventional makeup product?


I love using an airbrush. While in some make up industries it’s not very unconventional at all,  I feel like a lot of beauty make up artists don’t use one.


Your style defies common practice. For you, where does beauty begin and end?


Beauty begins with the subject I think. And then a harmonious, or a strategically disharmonious, composition of lines and colors and textures on whatever person you are working on. I think typically people limit their interpretation of beauty there. But for me, an idea or concept can be beautiful as well, not just aesthetics.


Most iconic makeup look of all time? 


I couldn’t possibly pick one. There are so many different iconic make up moments out there. I would probably note Leigh Bowery’s wax drips, David Bowie’s Aladdin Sane lightning bolt, Twiggy’s eye make up, Divine in Pink Flamingoes, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Siouxsie Sioux, Steve Strange, the list goes on. 


“If I wasn’t a makeup artist I’d be…”


Probably doing the same thing but on a different surface.


Silver or gold?




Best piece of advice you’ve ever received?


It’s a cliché, but follow your bliss. Do what you would be doing if money was no object.


What’s the next hottest beauty trend?


I think bold eye or lip make up with nothing else on the face. I think people of all genders will start to care more about letting their imperfections be a part of their beauty, and putting make up on to create style, rather than conceal themselves.

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