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Pink Privacy



Will you send copies to each of the featured fuckers?


No, they can pay, just like I did— but with emotional labor.


Did you find poetry to be a totally therapeutic process, or was that at all painful?


Simple and cathartic.


Why writing, when your usual medium tends to be imagery?


Although there are obvious differences, I feel the creative process of writing and photography is similar for me. Any creative idea I have feels inspired and divinely guided, it’s just up to me to decide how to channel each through its appropriate medium, whether that’s visual or literary. 

I really let the idea dictate the medium. The physical process with the poems was different in that I made the work in isolation, unlike how I make photographs. Personally I LOVE to see artists working in various mediums, keeps it interesting… 

When is self-expression art versus opinion or personal notions, in your opinion?


Well, for example, I see my Twitter and Instgram as art because I have established that I am an artist so it feels sort of implied that when I create content and post it anywhere I consider it art.


What are you working on now?


While I was writing Pink Privacy I recorded a single in the same vein. It’s called “Cunt Keeper.” The lyrics are very inline with the poetry, both silly and mean but empowered. There will be a music video so stay tuned!

The official release of the book is this fall so I plan to visit several cities hosting events with my collective NY Fem Factory, teaming up with other poets for group readings and other performances by amazing female artists.

Pink Privacy is currently available for pre-order, shipping out November 10th.

  • Poems by Jessica Yatrofsky
  • Artwork by Alphachanneling
  • Printed by Conveyor Arts

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