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Planet Sex

Like everything the brand does, the collection was rooted in sexuality, homoeroticism and self-acceptance. "We design for men and women who appreciate a certain freedom in dressing and expressing themselves with their bodies," the designers told office last year. And they don't let rules about what is or isn't menswear determine their products. "Masculinity in terms of using masculine codes of dressing is a social construct that changes over time," they said. "[...] What we perceive to be radical today, has already been done—and maybe even better. Men in dresses, drag, polyamory—we like to celebrate these possibilities and encourage everyone to use and apply the whole spectrum of identity for themselves."


But Lazoschmidl isn't just about clothes, or even pushing boundaries when it comes to sexuality and gender—it's about fantasy, and diving right into it.


Unknown director: “Again!”
Unknown assistant: “They hardly wear any clothes!”
Woman with three breasts: “It’s called method acting, darling.”


View the collection, below.

Photos by Alexandre Chagnon; courtesy of the brand.

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