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Premiere: Brian Hill and the Noh Starrs - "Sarah's Alright"


From "New Yorker," a song that pays homage to the more manic side of NY, emerges "Sarah's Alright," premiering today exclusively on office. As the name suggests, the candid lyrics and romantic visuals capture something every New Yorker dreams of, despite all its modesty. What it captures is the quiet and uncelebrated moment a human realizes they have survived the narrow squeeze through the chained gates of city living. To Hill, "Sarah’s Alright" is a song "which is about growing up in a big city from a young age. The lyrics and character are an amalgam of my growing up here in NYC and stories others told me along the way of their experiences. NYC is a strange and beautiful place." When asked who Sarah is, Brian was not able to give a definite answer. Maybe there is no Sarah. Maybe it's him.


Yes, we know. Life is easier for some than others. However you've managed, though, "Sarah's Alright" is as good of a listen as it is a visual affirmation.


  • Watch the official video below. 

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