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Premiere: From 'Fish'

Cue: Adomako Aman’s new film “Fish.” This short is a two-day look inside the lives of two men of color and their everyday struggles living uptown in the Bronx, all from a queer man’s perspective. Written, directed, and edited by Aman, who also stars in the film, “Fish” is a fun pivot from his more serious documentary "Dancing in the Dark” (2016), which investigates the bonds of queer men of color in New York City's nightlife scene.


“Fish” does some of the same; most notably, in a scene where a stereotypical Bronx “thug” bumps into Aman’s character and blows him a kiss before locking hands with his girlfriend. But just as soon as this closeted flirt takes place, we are thrust back into Aman’s bubbly demeanor again, and left swimming in search of Aman’s true analysis of the harm that forced hyper-masculinity does to Black and Brown men.


View the trailer for “Fish” below:

Video courtesy of Adomako Aman

Text by Evan Nicole Brown

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