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Premiere: ginla - "LOMO"

"Playing in other peoples bands, you have to learn how to adapt and support someone else's vision which at times overlaps with your own, but often not," the duo explained over email. "No matter how talented someone else is, if there is something you want to get out and aren't, you start to get frustrated."


It's no coincidence, then, that the lyrics of "LOMO" repeat over and over: "You're still living on your own / you're still breathing on your own," a message emphasizing the peace that comes with accepting, and embracing, your singularity. "We hope that the song evokes for listeners what it evokes for us, which is essentially a sense of equanimity."


The track is a lo-fi, dark acoustic number that can be kept on repeat without becoming redundant, a breezy reminder of "understanding your relationship with yourself." Because in the end, you're all you have.


Listen below.

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