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Premiere: Guards - "Beacon"

And now we don't have to. The band has returned with a new single, "Beacon," off their upcoming album, Modern Hymns, due out May 22. A shimmery synth ballad with nods to 80s pop and goth favorites like The Cure, "Beacon" is "about reaching for a higher truth," says Follin, and when it came time to make a music video for the single, he wanted it to follow suit.


"It parallels mankind’s journey in the search for the unknown,"  he says about the video, which is premiering below. "The exploration into space can be viewed as the exploration into the self. And on a much lighter note, I’m a huge sci-fi fan and love all the cheesy B-movie space footage paired with the epic emotional song."


Us, too. And luckily, we won't have to play In Guards We Trust on repeat anymore. Now, we'll have Modern Hymns.


Watch the "Beacon" video below, and download the track here.

'Modern Hymns' is out May 22.

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