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Premiere: Jackie Mendoza & Coastal - "La Luz"

It’s the riveting byproduct of a collaboration with artist Coastal, also known as Charles. “He produced the track and said it would be great with Spanish vocals," Jackie explains. "We have always had a natural working relationship.” The two are working on a forthcoming EP together.


The visuals for the song incorporate 360 VR, because Mendoza had not seen many traditional music videos use that technology. Starting with her in the studio, it quickly transitions to her lighting a bonfire on the beach, playing air hockey and riding on ATVs in sand dunes miles away from the singer’s hometown.


Shot with six Go Pros, which were suspended in the air for certain shots, the video strays away from the orthodox. While the song may feel "dreamy," Mendoza wanted to go in another direction for the accompanying visuals. “The original idea for it was very standard, but then I thought, ‘What would be the opposite of what people would expect?’ I had the idea for it to be more sporty...I was watching YouTube videos of motorcycles and that’s where the idea came in to make it more raw.”


With light editing and very few filters, it feels like a stripped back look into Mendoza and Coastal’s worlds. Peep the new video below.

Directed by Jackie Mendoza

Shot by Roberto Najera

Editing by Juan Antonio Ruiz

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