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Premiere: "Juicy Blend"

Though the last 'Boo party wrapped in 2013, and in 2014, Rohan flew to London. Since living in Europe, Rohan has only continued to release sounds made for the club (under Bell Towers, duh), and expanded his portfolio. From playing Boiler Room to a residency on NTS Radio, and endlessly cutting those 12” records for Berlin's infamous CockTail D’Amore, Bell Towers tolls for neimand.


Years of clubbing experience can either harden, or enrich one’s mind. Underground parties are having a renaissance right now, across the globe. Music fans from various demographics emerge under the discoball to experience pure ecstasy, sans substances. Returning to the dancefloor with “Juicy Blend”, ahead of his forthcoming EP — out on Public Possession, and Cascine, Dec 6 — Bell Towers' new music video proves to be a seamlessly sibylline transition. Essentially, it is a meta club track about the club itself.


If you’re ready to groove once more, voyeuristically preview the video premiere below.

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