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Premiere: Nadia Tehran - "Cash Flow" Video Trilogy

On the video trilogy format itself, Nadia says that the three-parter was intentional for multiple reasons. "I was looking at statistics from my previous videos, and I saw that most people watch a video for one minute maximum," Nadia says. "I just wanted to experiment with the medium to see if the content would be more appreciated or consummated in three parts." Additionally, she says, the videos serve as separate and necessary answers for one all-encompassing question. "I wanted to tell the story through different perspectives, and why should I only choose one of them? I can do them all." 


The song "Cash Flow" deals with social injustice as seen through the lens of gender, race, and class, and whereas part 1 of the video deals with being in the midst of fighting these outside forces, Nadia explains that part 2 serves as more of an explanation. "Sometimes the most brave thing you can do is hurt and let yourself be hurt. In part 2, I'm not in a war where I'm fighting, but you can see in my face that I'm really, really hurt by the situation and the role that I'm being given, as opposed to the first part where you can actually see me feeling like a warrior." 


If part 1 is the now and part 2 is the past, then part 3 is the future, Tehran says. "You can see in part 3 this ritual of me and my sisters building up to fight and bond." For Nadia, it seems that exploring your vulnerability from the outside in is sometimes how you get through a stagnant situation. "It's about all of these things putting you in that place, but you're still the one who is not running from it. You're staying there, and you're owning it."  

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