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Premiere: 'PRIVODEET'

We wanted to show a young gang of cool instagram figures of New York, those eclectic and fascinating millenials, but put them in a different environment, one that we are not used to see them in, to break the circle of preconceived perception, and put them in a pure neutral environment, where they become a group of humans together.

The core of the piece is inspired by elements of sacrality, religion, contemporary theater, contemporary dance, Muybridge studies on movement of the human body, and movies like Kurosawa's Seven Samouraïs and Bergman's The Seventh Seal.

The piece was made in collaboration with Kim Shui's collection, which the whole gang is showcasing as another symbol of their 'belonging' to the same group, and as a note to the fact that clothes have always been an important part in showcasing who you want to be and what group you are a part of.

The project will be published in print by Pairs Project next year.

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