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Premiere: Weston Allen - 'The Gloves Come Off'

And although sporadic, his sounds and aesthetics meet at what would be the midpoint between 80s jazz and spooky Halloween sound effects, forming an ultimate outcome that is cohesive, entertaining, and meaningful. "I always wanted something tongue-in-cheek but somehow very earnest and believable," he says. "I kept telling the saxophonist Zak Pischnotte to imagine himself in Kenny G's sex dungeon." 


It's a genre unto itself—witty and whimsical, yet something that becomes a soundtrack for deeper feelings felt. "The corny 80s vibe is just a facade for darker and more relevant topics under the surface...that's the idea of the whole project." And besides his strong accompanying imagery (for this project, Weston became fixated on the dual nature of the color yellow), he hopes to paint a picture that is not only satisfying in the moment but can withstand the test of time. "I wanted almost every line to have a double or even triple meaning if possible in order to give them replay value," he says. "I might tread into Weird Al Yankovic or Death Grips territory once in a while with the oddly comedic and wordy nature of the lyrics, but I have no shame." 


Listen to The Gloves Come Off in its entirety below.

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