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Puppets and Puppets F/W '20

Puppets and Puppets' creations are loud but don't feel like they're making an of-the-moment statement––earning the brand its rightful spot as a show to really look forward to each season. Thoughtful architecture and subtle, delicate details offer the playful line a sense of balance and care; and the study of timeless archetypes ground this otherwise joyfully experimental collection.



    We caught up with the designers after the show to learn more about the F/W '20 collection, below.

    What characters do we see in this collection?


    Some of the characters Jean Giraud developed with Jodorowsky for the never-made Dune they worked on together. Some characters from Incal, which he also developed with Jodorowsky. Some from his "Blueberry" series. Everything evolved and intersected with silhouettes we love.


    What were you looking for in the models you chose in terms of how the garments would suit them and what they’d bring to the looks?


    We chose people that inspire us, who want to be a part of the world we create. The models' physicality was never specific. It's more about who you are, what you do, how you do it. We work with people we believe in.


    Can you speak to the connection between any specific models and their looks this season?


    Jane Moseley had chosen a beautiful, slinky Moebius character from our boards. She came into the studio and we draped the muslin on her body in order to achieve the perfect fit. We had conversation with her about fabric, styling, hair and makeup. It was a very personal and interactive process.


    What’s the role and relationship of the models you use to the collection and brand altogether?


    Everyone's part of a creative community and that really excites us.


    How is this season different from the last?


    We cut the looks specifically for each body type, made the patterns specific to each person's measurements. We also leaned more into the direction of costuming than the previous seasons.


    What’s behind some of the collection’s recurring motifs, like the cookie belts and playful details like the bag of balls?


    Details that remind you fashion is fun.


    What story does the F/W '20 collection tell?

    That there's still room in American fashion for innovation and risk-taking. And despite the times, it's important to have fun.


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