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Put the Past Behind You

There was an interview a while back, where Raul Lopez relayed something well worth returning to.

When the designer gets ready to go out, he has a goal in mind with what he will wear— 

What will make normal people nervous?


This sense of discomfort is just as present in Lopez’s own line, Luar. Lopez, season after season, addresses controversy, creating clothing with aggressive aesthetics and cerebral construction. His attire does not hold back— it is brash, and bold, and bears blinding truth.

We face immense challenges that shape us and change our perspective of ourselves and the world we inhabit.
To move forward in life, we must destroy all preconceived beliefs of who we are and what we think we know, in order to make room for change.


Traveling through topics of gender, socio-political struggles, and personal  experience, Luar does not linger on loss or rely on nostalgia— this is fashion focusing on figuring out how to fabricate the future for itself. And for the Fall/Winter season, this sentiment felt stronger than ever before. The Fall/Winter collection, “Pieces of Me”, reminded us that pain can truly be a motivator.


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