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Ready for the Slaughter

To get a look at these images first-hand, office paid a visit to Haven Montauk where the series will be on display throughout Labor Day.



The artist's fascination with these subjects started from a young age, where she often found herself noticing the disconnect between actual food and what ends up on your plate for dinner. Now, Surdam looks to illuminate grotesque realities in the present day from the inside out—literally. Staging raw ingredients from liver to fish and even raw birds (just to name a few), the artist offends the viewer's appetite while simultaneously drawing us in for more.



The graphic artwork is juxtaposed against elegant backdrops with torn-out pieces from vintage American cookbooks and hidden butt plugs. In their final form, the images leave the viewer in an ultimate state of illusion. Unable to look away once it has caught your attention, her works challenge the idea of beauty and the preconceived notions of perfection to its modern interpretation of truth.


Refreshing, shocking and undeniably uncomfortable to look at, Surdam sculps her photographs with a deliciously mastered twist on “farm to table." Maybe next time, you’ll think before you eat.

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