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Reality TV

“Mission Teens” focuses on the lives of students and their families at Lycée Descartes, the French high school in Rabat, Morocco that the artist attended when she was a teenager. The parts of the video that were shown last Thursday were filmed reality TV-style, a combination of footage of the teenagers living their lives and interviews between her, depicted as an animated donkey, and the subjects. 


Bennani explained that she was about halfway through editing the footage that she’d gathered over the course of two weeks with her subjects. So at the talk, she asked the audience for feedback on what they had seen of the installation so far in order to help her explore one of the effects of colonialism in her home country and what she calls the “French-Moroccan binary.” 


Don’t miss Meriem Bennani’s “Mission Teens” at the Whitney Biennial May 17-September 22.

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