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Sal Meets World



Tell us about your experience with makeup. How long have you’ve been doing it for?


Salaam! I’ve been doing since I was 14 or 15 I think? I think it’s one of the first times you try and find your identity against the background of being in a school uniform and with 30 other kids to compete with. And at the time, I just wanted to fit in a little more. As time passed, my traits of actively trying to be weird and edgy pushed me to try new makeup even though I didn’t like it at all. I was trying to use the products to fit in, but I was going to do it my way. So the black lipstick started to show up, then deep purples, super bright reds, then the eyeshadow, coloured mascara, and finally, eyeliner. So if I was to congratulate anything in regards to my journey with makeup it would probably have to be my ego! As time moved on, so did my ideas of what makeup was and how I wanted to interact with it. It’s sort of just led me here, where I can do fun things and inspire people and just let my imagination wander from my brain to my face.


Was your journey practicing makeup an easy one?


I would say yes. The only difficulty in the come up was being able to afford makeup. My household was not beauty obsessed, so new makeup items came as birthday gifts, or they didn’t come at all. So that was pretty tough because I didn’t have much to play with—literally. However, to do makeup? Never. I never stressed about it enough to make it difficult, if that makes sense. I just sort of did it, and swallowed the outcome regardless of whether I had an incredibly beat face or the liner on either eyelid were doing their own thing. Not twins, not even sisters, more like third removed cousins from your dad’s side. But the mistakes made it fun and made it real I suppose. I was growing up in the age of the rise of beauty bloggers. I was just trying to make it real to me.


Did you always know that makeup was the career path that you wanted to follow?


I still don’t know if it’s the career for me if I’m being honest! I love it, but I hate it too. It’s a toughie, but I will say that I love seeing the effect of beauty empowerment. That could possibly be a career for me. I just want to encourage people to not feel intimidated by makeup and really go for what they want!


In each photo you take, your glowing skin mesmerizes us. What’s your secret?


Cleansing is key! Skincare is key! Natural sunlight is key! Also mix Weleda Skinfood with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal, and you have the perfect illuminating base! Or mix Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint with Glossier Futuredew and apply with your hands like a moisturiser and you have another amazing base!




What does your everyday makeup routine consist of? What are your go-to products?


My go-to's would be: Glossier Invisible Shield SPF, Weleda Skin Food, Glossier Boy Brow, Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, Kosas Colour and Light Palette in Velvet Melon because of it’s bomb cream highlighter.


When I’m not doing makeup, I’m ___


Living a life of extremes, meaning I’m either being super active or vegetating in bed watching Netflix.


While creeping on your instagram, your usage of vibrant colors stands out to folks immediately. What draws you to play around with such bright colors?


I think you just said it, it stands out! It’s engaging and playful and you can express yourself so much more louder.


If you could craft your ideal makeup product, what would it be?


Oh this ones a toughie. Honestly, there’s so much out there, I don’t think the beauty industry needs another thing.


What inspires you to create?


As vague as it sounds, anything and everything. I say this a lot but inspiration can come from everywhere, not just Instagram! Keep your eyes peeled and mind open, and if something provokes an emotion or response then take a second to engage with it and inspiration will flow from there.


What next can we expect to see from you?


I’ll be starting a podcast with two friends and it’s called "Tree Brownies", so keep an eye and ear out for that! Alongside that, I want to engage more with my community this year and hopefully be able to host more spaces that help facilitate dialogue and appreciation for my community. I also want to curate more photo projects, so if anyone’s reading this and is interested feel free to message me! 

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