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A continuating of her 2011 book Naked, which explored female sexuality and nudity, Speak Easy celebrates that of all genders and sexualities. Anyone can wear a mask, after all. Everyone has secrets.


These identities can be heavily complicated in our modern social climate, where social media and maintaining a certain persona or brand is at the crux of our interactions. Mari says that this was a huge proponent in her exploration of what lays behind this every day performance on social media. "It's a convenient way to let the world know how fabulous you are, but it's too many layers of masks," she says. "Everyone knows that we are faking every day, little by little." 


And in the culture we currently live in, Mari thinks it is crucial that we make efforts to hone in on positive inner beauty. "We're seeing too many hate crimes in every region—problems for immigrants are happening in all countries," she says. "We are still holding on to racism, sexism, homophobia, and xenophobia, so I wanted to catch the moments beyond those feelings of prejudice." 


Check out our little hangout with Sarai below.

Speak Easy is available at the Office Newsstand today.

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