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office caught up with SARDIN's Rune Orloff to learn more about the platform. Read our interview, and peep some photos from their latest collaborations, below.


What is SARDIN? How do you describe what you do?


SARDIN is an online springboard for new responsible concepts, developed by leading international brands and designers. We want to elevate brands that specialize in making sustainable, eco-innovative or fair trade practices their core strategies.

You have a new collaboration with Phipps that just came out. Tell me about it.


Correct! We are launching a series of exclusives from the Parisian brand Phipps. The designer, Spencer Phipps, a former designer at Dries Van Noten and Marc Jacobs, is now committed to sustainable methods and has a genuine passion for nature. The capsule he is presenting with SARDIN has a very special print, created with the pattern of extinct species found in fossils. It’s beautiful!   

What inspired it?


One of our partners, David Fischer at HighSnobiety suggested we reach out to Spencer, after they had featured him as one of their new ‘brands to watch.’ After meeting him, it was obvious that we had to do something together.

Why does SARDIN like to do so many exclusive collabs?


SARDIN is a platform created to accelerate products with the right purpose. We love the collaborative processes and truly believe that expertise from a variety of sources will be key to solving many of the negative issues the industry is facing.  

Our 30 day pre-order mechanism makes all products on SARDIN exclusive in one or the other way. After the ‘shopping window’ is closed, products won’t be available again. The focus is to prevent overproduction and only make what we have demand for.

Above: SARDIN's collaboration with Elliss Solomon, available now through October 5.



Some background info on SARDIN: why did you decide to launch the platform?

We believe there is a complete lack of customer-facing e-comm platforms that offer a new and more sustainable way of shopping—a place that focuses on the story behind products and promotes the idea of quality, not quantity. We saw a lot of ambitious brands within the market doing so many things right, but we really struggled to find a collective space for those great concepts.

What do see for the platform going forward?


We are focused on developing our brand portfolio. From 2019, we intend to launch a new product story weekly.  

What else is coming up next for Sardin?


With our environmental partner, Parley for the Oceans, we intend to start a bunch of clean-up programs and initiatives, donating proceeds from product campaigns. Our hidden agenda is to make the SARDIN shopping process an indirect funding mechanism and create an overall cleaner path for the industry going forward.

If you could do a collaboration with anyone—alive or dead—who would it be?


Impossible to pick one! We just launched - every new brand is a big win for our concept.

Above: SARDIN's collabortion with Phipps, available now through October 19.


Phipps campaign: art direction & photography by Arturo Bamboo; ELLISS campaign photos by Camille Summers-Valli; styling by Alex Carl; all photos courtesy of SARDIN.

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