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Serving The People of New York

Wednesday night, we had made our way to Milk Gallery, in support of the opening of STP’s first physical show, to gather alongside an assemblage of multigenerational makers, from art world “Gods”, to the flock of Gen-z fans fabricating their future. An audience suited to Serving The People— the artist platform that fights for the young and assiduous artists, abundantly talented though lacking access to the affluence of the art industry’s topmost tier.

The non-profit, since it’s start, had only ever before existed as on their digital platform— but that night, for the physical debut, we found ourselves amongst a new community of city creatives, who had made it to Meatpacking, to prove the poignancy of Smith’s steps to seek inclusivity for the industry. 40 works from artists around the world were displayed in Group Show, selected from an open call submission, where over 800 people applied. Rather than the rigidity of old-school competition, STP’s statement is steeped in the spirit of community, seeking to come together in celebration of emerging artists.



Words are too often thrown around aimlessly, and altered over time. “Wunderkind”, “poster-child”— whether terms are taken from the world of fashion, art, or further abroad— our definitions get diluted. We present a person as the price-tag on a painting they’d produced at a young age, and make acquaintance by way of whatever click-bait may come up with their name. Though this all makes for a story, it is often one that overlooks substance. This is why we will wait for Lucien. Let us steep in his work with STP, come to know the community he’s created, and continues to build— while we wait with baited breath to uncover the bones, and the brainchild, by way of our upcoming office print issue 08, releasing Saturday the 10th, which includes an interview by the iconic Bill Powers with Smith, which discusses the in-depth story of STP.

"Orange, Red, Yellow" by John Cahall
Kubait Nnamide, Friends
Darryl Westly, Friend
Pascal Ellis, Friend
Jesper Lund, Flynn McGarry
Sarah Schechter, Friends
Lucien Smith
Luka Nikolai, Lucien SMith
Brett Robinson, Lucien Smith, Jacqueline Jablonski

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