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Shed at Christie's


“Shed” featured a wide-range of artists—works from established types like Richard Phillips, Harif Guzman, and Nicole Wittenberg were shown alongside pieces from younger artists like Nick Farhi and Logan Criley (who showed an incredible surreal painting that I couldn’t stop staring at/nearly spilled rum on). The mix meant there was something for everyone, and thus it attracted an enormous crowd, impressive for a summer art show in the city. Aren’t the usual Christie’s types all in the Hamptons?


In addition to curating the show, Westly, a former assistant to Jeff Koons, showed a large graphic painting. We are friends so I am biased, but see for yourself: his work is very beautiful. “It’s really easy to get divided into these different cliques,” he said of the show. “So I was thinking about all these different divisions between people, whether it’s culturally, ethnically, racially, and how those can all be brought together under ‘the shed.’ That’s where the idea for the show came from, thinking about all these different artists and artworks that could really work together, and also kind of wanting to speak to this diversity of all these different types of artists in New York.”


As previously stated, “Shed” was a one-night-only affair. But if there are any collectors reading this who are looking for some kids to invest in, the show’s lineup is probably a good place to start.

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