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She's Like A Rainbow

Tell me about yourself.


My name is Helen Marie and I’m from Columbus, Ohio. I’m 20 years old and got into makeup when I was about 14 because I wore a uniform and hijab. So, makeup was my only way to express myself.


How long does it take for you to make some of your more intricate beaded looks?


When I do one eye, about 20-35 minutes, and when I do both eyes it takes about an hour. The full face butterfly took about six dreadful hours. I plan on doing it over again, but better this time, and with a photographer.


Who or what is your biggest inspiration?


Art inspires me—any kind, anywhere. When I see a great piece of artwork it inspires me to create something, even if it had nothing to do with the art I’d seen. Also, the world and everything in it is art, so I find inspiration in random places. A variety of Instagram accounts I look to for inspo are: @_false_face, @godzdontdie, @beasweetbeauty, @sharnaosborne, @ryon01, @anatakonyourface, @urgalsal_ and [office Beauty favorite] @verspucca.

If you had to describe your aesthetic in three words, which would you choose?


Crafty, conceptual and ethereal.


How do you define beauty?


Beauty is captivation—like that double take—that’s beauty. Regardless of whether it’s ugly, there’s something beautiful and satisfactory about being captivated and wanting to continue to stare.


What’s the one makeup product you can’t live without?


Mascara! Clear gloss is a very close second, though, since it has so much to do with the application process. Something about it is so therapeutic when I take my time to apply them.

What’s the most ridiculous misconception in the beauty industry these days?


That skin tone determines what colors of eyeshadow, blush or lip color you can or can’t wear. Like, ew. No. I love seeing black and brown women in pastels and neon despite growing up being taught limited color ranges.


What’s one makeup trend you can’t wait to end in 2019?


‘Fleek’ eyebrows with the three shades too light concealer around them. I mean, do you, of course, but I personally don’t find it flattering. Natural brows and skin are universal.



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